About Me

Linde Perelli
Interior Designer

Tired of wasting your weekends on Pinterest trying to pull together a living space that you and your family can be proud of?

Maybe you have a  young family and are ready to define your OWN style and finally need “grown-up” furniture; or your family has matured and you just aren’t using your rooms in the same way.

Maybe you are ready to take the leap and go for a more modern style than you previously had and you just don’t know how to go about it without it feeling cold and void of your personality.

I’ve been there.

I started out in a Studio Apartment many years ago, then purchased of my first home in Chicago, a second in Seattle and finally landed in AZ. Each place had a distinctive lifestyle and feel. My career and hobbies at each of these stages changed the way I used my space. (Mudrooms for excessive hiking in the rain, to Staging supply storage, home offices, and conversation rooms for entertaining after the game.)

As a designer you can imagine the changes in décor I have gone through over the years! Each shift I made required me to figure out how to find homes for my favorite items and still make them work with my new style. (I mean, the portrait of my Pug has to go somewhere, right?)

ALL of my clients have been there too. Everyone has a special story and situation.

Here’s what I know:

Your time is valuable. You’re busy. You have things to do and a life to live and when you come home you want to relax….in your own sanctuary.

You want to spend time with your family and friends in a space that is functional and gorgeous.

You want your space to reflect YOU.

While Pinterest is fun (I have enough pins to prove how addicting it is), you don’t want to spend hours scanning Pinterest boards and sourcing goods, only to find out they might not fit in your space, don’t function or look the way you want , or worse, the YOU is missing from the equation.

I have helped so many transform their space into a thing of beauty (and source of neighborhood envy) and I can help you too. Let me take this one task off of your “To Do” list and get it done.

For over 15 years I have enjoyed designing beautiful, functional spaces for both Residential and Commercial clients on both Coasts. I feel the most important job a Designer has is to listen to her clients wants and needs. Your space is uniquely personal and should function and feel like a haven to you and your loved ones. I am here to help you truly make your house a home.

From my years of on-site experience I have the ability to confidently space-plan and source items that WORK in your space for Virtual E-Design. I have the know how to get the job done right the first time and avoid the pitfalls an inexperienced Designer might make that can cost you money.  You can feel secure that you are placing your project in the hands of an experienced Designer and seasoned Pro.


I specialize in Modern design using clean lines and shapes that allow your focal pieces of art, decor, and collectibles to stand out and bring individuality to your space.

 Whether it be  Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, California Modern, Southwest Modern, Scandinavian, or Refined Boho; I am here to help you navigate the way to a special home that defines only you.

Happy Clients

Ashley Bedroom

“I love my new bedroom! I can’t say it enough. I wanted something relaxing but I also wanted an artistic approach that went beyond spatial function and flow. Linde nailed it with a color pop I wouldn’t have considered and a pattern combo I wouldn’t have thought could work, but did. She really delivered and was responsive to boot! Thanks Linde!”


Giselle Living

“Linde is a pleasure to work with. I was her client for several rooms in my home. She is very talented in knowing what your space needs. Her customer service is top notch and she has a great eye for design. Linde is definitely someone you can trust for design and picking the right decor! She is very good at understanding the style you are trying to achieve.”




” I have great ideas, but I’m no Designer. I needed Linde to pull it all together, which she did! Thanks, Linde!”