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When should I hire an Interior Designer?

You should hire an Interior Designer for any stage of a project requiring expertise to avoid costly mistakes; such as:
Starting a renovation or build and need help with spacial planning and flow.
Picking out cabinetry, flooring and tile.
Color consulting.
Space planning prior to furniture purchases.
When needing help determining your style and creating a cohesive look.
When you know your style and preferences but just need help putting it all together.
Finishing touches to make your space look complete.

Is any project too small?

No project is too small. Sometimes you just need a professional set of eyes to help you complete your task!

How do I prepare for my first consultation?

Be honest with yourself about what you want to accomplish and in what time frame.

Know your budget. I will need this information to assist you successfully.

Have your iPad, PC or publications of favorite styles and inspiration ready to show me. This helps establish your likes and dislikes and is an excellent form of communication.

Know what pieces/finishes you are wanting to keep so I can factor them into the equation.

Be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle. (i.e. How many and how often do you entertain? Do you have children or pets?,etc.) This helps me determine what fabrics, seating and space planning works best.

Have your Significant Other, or anyone else involved in your decision making process present. This is important for me to hear everyone’s needs and opinions up front.

I can help you get prepared for your visit the easy way!
Just look at the section below, and take the Style Quiz!

How long will the first meeting last?

Usually it takes 1.5-3 hours to walk through your space, discuss your project and gather measurements.

What areas do you service for interior design?

The Greater Austin Area. Virtual Services are offered Worldwide.

How are your purchases handled?

While payment for services is received directly to Perelli Studio, payment for sub-contractors and decor is paid directly to the vendor.

How do you charge?

Packaged Design Services are paid online, upon ordering. Hourly services are billed every two weeks.

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